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I'm Marcelo

An enthusiast photographer and travel addicted.

Born and grew up in São Paulo, Brazil. Based in Stockholm, Sweden for more than ten years.

For years, I have been travelling around the world due to work or privately. Exploring different places, meeting its people and finding points of similarity and differentiation to my own background turned me into a travel addicted. And my willingness to save these lifetime memories turned me into a photographer.

After experimenting different styles of photography I found my preference for travel, street/urban exploration (urbex), black & white, landscape and architecture photography.

Natural landscapes and dense urban cities, modern sites and places that have been forgotten or neglected by humanity, world-famous destinations and ordinary places; this is what you will find on my portfolio.

If you find something that pleases your eyes or trigger emotions, leave your comment and share my work with others.

Interested in purchasing some images? Contact me through my e-mail: mmalizia10@gmail.com

Regards Marcelo

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